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Valparai Tourism Agency : We are leading Tourism Agency. Our head office located in Rajamill Road, Pollachi, Tamilnadu, INDIA. Valparai Tourism agency provide complete Tourist Information about Valparai. We help you to find Cheap and Best Accommodations like Resorts, Hotels, Home Stay, Cottages, Tea Bungalows and other available Places to Stay.

Here we also guide you to find best places to visit, Attractions around Valparai, Nearby tourist places like Topslip, Parambikulam Munnar to find Forest guest houses with Photo Gallery and Videos. Valparai Route Map, Our Maps & Directions Section you can find how to reach Valparai from Coimbatore, Pollachi by Driving directions, Route map.

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Valparai Resort – A green paradise

Valparai in Coimbatore District is the only Summer Resort. The 7th heaven Valparai named by the district administration in dense forests, skyline trees, everywhere the tea, coffee plantations, as well as extension of the rod will snap sporadic silver waterfalls, giant River Dams to store water that is considered tourist destination. Being a place of Valparai karalmarks the year 1880 by the British, it was revealed to the outside world.

In 1920 with the help of tribes who lived in the forest areas of forests and bush walks are removed and replaced by roads, and destroyed the tea cultivated wilderness. In the rare mountain herbs and labor can not enter dense forests, waterfalls, valleys, meadows Green is matted. It adds to Valparai Anaimalai Tiger sanctuary. Valparai has various tourist attractions. All places to enjoy watching.

Top 8 Valparai Places to Visit:

Top 15 Tourist Attractions | Tourist Places – Places to Visit | Attractions | Travel Destinations

  • Aaliyar Dam – At a distance of 64 Kms from Coimbatore, 24 Kms from Pollachi & 545 Kms from Chennai, Aliyar Dam is a charming location surrounded by Annamali Hills with wonderful natuarl views. It is located between Pollachi and Valparai.
  • Monkey Falls –  At a distance of 67 Kms from Coimbatore, 27 Kms from Pollachi & 548 Kms from Chennai, Monkey Falls is a magnificient falls situated near Aliyar Dam between Pollachi and Valparai in the Anamalai Hills (24 Kms before Valparai).
  • Loam’s View Point – The viewpoint is located in the asphalted State Highway 78 road, a road linking Pollachi and Valparai. The road is all though mountain ranges with 40 hairpin bends and some crazy curves. The view point is named after Mr. Loam, a British general officer who was appointed to lay this road way back in 1886.
  • Tiger Valley – Tiger Valley is located approximately 22 kms enroute Valparai. It provides a spectacular view of Kadampara and Upper Azhiyar Project.
  • Balaji temple (Karumalai) – At a distance of 10 km from Valparai Bus Station, Balaji Temple is one of the prominent temples located in Valparai, Tamilnadu. Situated inside Karumalai Tea Estate, it is one of the beautiful and among the must-visit places in Valparai.
  • Chitti Vinayagar Temple – Chitti Vinayagar temple, a beautiful temple and a small temple, good to spend few hours here, see the local culture and enjoyed
  • Karamalai Annai Vellankanni Church – At a distance of 8 km from Valparai Bus Station, Karumalai Anna Velankanni Church is a Catholic church located in Valparai, Tamilnadu. Situated in Karumalai Tea Estate, it is one of the significant places to visit during your Valparai Tour.
  • Sholayar Dam – At a distance of 31 Kms from Athirapally & 45 Kms from Valparai, Sholayar Dam is a beautiful dam situated on Athirapally – Valparai road. It is one of the top tourist places to visit near Athirapally Waterfalls.
  • Nirar dam – At a distance of 9 km from Valparai Bus Station, Nirar Dam is an artificial dam situated in the hill town of Valparai. It is one of the most interesting places to see in Valparai.
  • Chinnakallar – At a distance of 14 km from Valparai Bus Station, Chinna Kallar Falls is a spectacular waterfall situated at Chinna Kallar village near Valparai, Tamilnadu. It is one of the popular waterfalls in Coimbatore and among the most visited tourist places in Valparai.
  • Nallamudi Poonjolai – Located about 13 k.m. away from the main town of Valparai, the Nallamudi-Poonjolai view point is a refreshing drive along the winding estate roads that run between rolling acres of verdant tea gardens spanning on either sides.
  • Number Parai
  • Grass Hills
  • Kadamparai Dam
  • Athirapally Falls
  • Manampalli forest Tourist Places

Valparai Resorts: There are lot of resorts in and around, you can browse suitable resort from our Resorts list

Summer Festival : 3 days of the summer festival has been held annually in Valparai. Thousands of tourists come here to see the summer festival concentrated Valparai going to enjoy the natural beauty. Valparai tourist destination works by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation has been declared in the film. Valparai to the botanical garden, the small boat, home and self-sufficiency in the field of tourism Resort.

Accommodations & Places to Stay.

In Valparai and around there are lot of Resorts, Hotels, Cottages, Home Stay, Tea Bungalows, Government Accommodations available you can find best and suitable one here.

How to reach Valparai : 45 KM from Coimbatore to Pollachi, after the extinction of 28 kilometers to go from there. 43 km to go Valpoy from extinction. There are 40 hairpin curves up Valparai from extinction. On the way to be able to see the sheep. In the summer months the climate is very suitable for tourism would be.

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