Valparai is a hill station in the district of Coimbatore, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a part of the Anamalai hills in the Western Ghats. It towers at 3500 feet above sea level. Valparai is surrounded by Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Eravikulam National Park and the forest division of Vazhachal. The Valparai Township was started in 1903 by the Annamalai Planters Association. Valparai is also called Naduvar.

The climb from Pollachi to Valparai is an experience not to be forgotten because of the 40 hair pin bends being encountered on the way after Azhiyar. The sights on the way up are beautiful with dense forests and privately owned tea companies. Fauna in these parts consists of elephants and leopards and on the way from Pollachi, the traffic through the dense forests consist of deer, elephants, lion tailed monkeys and wild goats that will be crossing the roads.

HISTORY : The first of the planters to develop this area was Ramaswamy Mudaliar who started a coffee estate. There were others who could not make it big and some of the plantations were sold. By 1875, the British came to Valparai. The then Prince of Wales was scheduled to visit the place and a road and guest houses were constructed. A camp was arranged and there were a group of British people who had come to make arrangements. This camp is now called Angalakurichy. The Prince could not make his visit. Two Britishers, W. Wintil and Nordan purchased some land from the Madras Government on behalf of the British and the area was developed by an expert, Carwer Marsh, who started a tea and coffee plantation. These Britishers had close contacts with the local inhabitants. A statue of Carwer Marsh can be found in Kavarkal Estate. He was also known as ‘The father of Anaimalais’.

LOCATION : Tamilnadu, Coimbatore Dist. Valparai
ACCESS : Via Pollachi / From Cochin, Chalakudi Via Atharapilly
LATITUDES : 10° 13.2′ and 10°33.3’N
LONGITUDE : 76° 49.3’E and 77° 21.4′
AVERAGE RAINFALL : 500 – 5000 mm South West & North East
BEST SEASON : January and May to December
CLIMATE ; Moderate Warn climate almost through the year and fairly cloud during winter months (November & December)
SUMMER ; Max. 25°C, Min. 12°C
WINDER ; Max. 10°C, Min. 0°C
SEASON ; September to May
LSNGUAGES ; Tamil, Malayalam and English
STD CODE ; 4253
ISD CODE ; +91

Nirar Dam

One of the most interesting places to see in Valparai is the Nirar Dam. It is situated 16 km from the hill station of Valparai and the entire region is well-connected through a good network of roads. There is another adjacent dam called the Lower Nirar Dam located inside the jungle. The most thrilling and…

Wild Woods Cottages

The Wild Woods Cottages are a magnificent jungle retreat in the scenic hill station of Valparai. The cottages are considered very elite and exclusive. The panoramic view of the hill station, with its lush green tea gardens, is one of its main attractions of these cottages. There are chances you might even get a glimpse…

Tea Estate Garden - Valparai

Tea Estate Garden

Valparai is known for its expansive tea estates, which are not only a wonderful tourist attraction but an important aspect of the area’s economy as well. You can check in to one of the many Tea Estate Bungalows that can be found in Valparai. These guest houses are built at the centre of sprawling tea…


Karumalai Balaji Temple

At a distance of 10 km from Valparai Bus Station, Balaji Temple is one of the prominent temples located in Valparai, Tamilnadu. Situated inside Karumalai Tea Estate, it is one of the beautiful and the most visited Valparai tourist places. Owned and managed by Peria Karumalai Tea Industries, the temple amidst tea estates and sprawling…

Nirar Dam, Valparai

Solaiyar Dam

The Solaiyar Dam, located at a short distance of 20 km from the main hill station, Sholayar is situated 20 km from Valparai, a hill station in the Anaimalai Hills of the Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu India. A part of the hydroelectric project of Tamil Nadu, special permission is required to visit the dam, is…