Valparai Tourist Places : Falls and Dams : Best Tourist Attractions near Valparai

Valparai Tourist Places :

Valparai Tourism - Photo
Valparai Tourism – Photo

Here in this article I wish to share only the Waterfalls and Dams that is in and around valparai, hope this article will be very much useful to my readers.

Sholayar dam is the another depth dam in Asia countries. It is located at a range of 20 Kms from Valparai. A great dynamic tourist location observed usually chaotic. Valparai is usually a stunning area to take a look or view. Nirar dam is constructed for multipurpose venture like seeing that irrigation, Hydro electrical power generation. Nirar Dam is positioned in an amazing area dealt with by a lustrous forest. Presently there is a waterfall in the vicinity of the dam that appears like the Cascade. The spot is placed at a range of 15kms through Valparai.

Valparai Tourist Places

Chinnakallar Dam - Valparai
Chinnakallar Dam

Chinnakallar Dam and Chinnakalar are geographically significant spot in Valparai tourist places. That is the subsequent greatest bad weather fall location in India. Generally this place is as determined moist and misty. That environmentally friendly green lustrous forest having a high majestic timber along on the path to Chinnakalar is a pleasure of nature. In Chinnakallar there is a waterfall that looks similar to roaring lion. This particular spot placed at the mileage about 10 miles from Valparai.

Aliyar Park
Aliyar Park

Valparai Tourist Places : Aliyar Park and Dam will be a pleasurable occasion to delight in the natural visual effect of Aliyar dam plus the chain foothills of Western Ghats. Children can possess a pleasurable occasion in the park. Monkey Falls is nearby Aliyar Park.

Monkey Falls - Aliyar
Monkey falls

Valparai Tourist Places: Monkey falls is also recognised as Chinna Kuttralam is one of the coolest Valparai tourist places. Get pleasure from the water bath in the foothills of Western Ghats Nature. Lams Rock view point is a stunning view place to watch Aliar Dam and adjoining foothills of Western Ghats. This spot placed in ninth hairpin bend on the way to Valparai.

Valparai Tourist Places:

Kadamparai Dam - Valparai
Kadamparai Dam

Kadamparai Dam is vary next to Attagatti that is placed in 19th bend on way to Valparai this is a significant spot to visit but you need to get permission to enter the Kadamparai dam.

Valparai Tourist Places

Athirapalli Falls is in the vicinity of the front door of the Sholayar array it is a spot of fantastic attractiveness in the Valparai tourist places. In this spot the water plunges through an elevation of virtually 80 feet before connecting to the Chalakudi canal. This charming location is next to lustrous green natural environment, and also it is a portion of Chalakudi River, 45 miles from Valparai in direction of Chalakudi, Kerala.

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